Remote technical support services
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Expert Technical Support, Without Leaving Your Chair

Our remote support provides the expert help your business needs, fast and effectively, and is able to resolve more than 90% of your technical support requests without needing to schedule an on-site service visit. Boasting among the fastest response times in the industry, our remote support services increases productivity within your business by helping you avoid costly delays and downtime.

Need Technical Support Now?
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Reduce Calls For Support With Proactive Services

Combined with our remote monitoring, remote support also allows us the ability to deliver proactive maintenance services, where we troubleshoot and resolve many problems, in the background, before they become disruptive to your operations. Remote Support and Remote Monitoring are included within all Flat-Fee Technical Support Service Agreements.

Please note: We do not provide incidence response to residential customers.

Remote Support Procedure

  1. Open a request using one of the following options:

    1. Using the Helpdesk Web Portal. You’ll find a link to the Web Portal at the top of every page on our website. Please note, access to the web portal is granted to you when your company requests the we provide access for you.

    2. By submitting an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. When using this method, please provide us with a descriptive subject line (a blank subject line or one with HELP!!! in bold letters doesn’t do anything to help us resolve your issue). Please also provide us with a concise description of the problem (saying “this broke” without telling us what “this” is or what you were doing isn’t useful). If your request is urgent, please say so in your message.

    3. By calling us at: 336.755.3905 and dialing extension 101. Please keep in mind that we may not always be available to take your call immediately because we are working on another case or may have stepped away from our desk, please leave a concise message that lets us know who you are, who you work for, a call back number, and a good description of what your issue is. When leaving a voicemail don’t worry, it will be forwarded to us via email as soon as you end the call.

  2. Wait for us to contact you. We’ll respond to your request, usually, not more than 30 minutes after you’ve opened a ticket but please keep in mind that response times can sometimes be affected by case load as well as the level of service you’ve subscribed to.

  3. After we’ve contacted you, either by phone, email, or chat, we’ll connect to your computer and begin troubleshooting the reported issue and work to resolve the problem.

Technical Notes

  1. If your company has an active Technical Support Service Agreement, our remote support client is already installed on your computer, and we can connect to your Desktop, Laptop, or Server without any additional involvement from you.
  2. For those customers that do not have an active Technical Support Service Agreement, you’ll need to:
    1. Navigate to our Remote Support Website
    2. Enter the code we provide you in the “Join with a code” box and click the arrow button
    3. Download and install our Remote Support Client.
      1. You’ll be presented with a brief summary of the installation process.
      2. Depending on what browser you are using, the actual procedure may vary but generally you will be prompted twice.
      3. The first window will as you if you want to Run or Save the file – choose Run
      4. The second will be a security warning, asking you if you want to Run or Cancel – choose Run
      5. If you are prompted by Windows User Access Control (UAC), choose yes to allow the program to make changes to your hard drive.
      6. Once you’ve successfully installed the Remote Support Client software, we’ll connect to your computer and begin troubleshooting the reported issue and work to resolve the problem.