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Expert-level IT Services and Support Without A Contract

We know there are plenty of small businesses that have outgrown the services made available from the local computer repair shops and need expertly delivered IT services but aren't quite ready to procure a service agreement.

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Standard Pricing Table For Non-Contract Services

last updated: 04/08/2015

ItemItem ChargeDescription
Standard Rate $125 per hour Applies to labor only, and does not include out-of-pocket expenses travel expenses, or any incurred cost of providing the services.
Trip Fee $80 Applies to trips within the city limits of Mt. Airy, NC
Trip Fee + one-way time $80 + (2/($125 * (T))) Applies to trips of 60 miles or less (one-way), beyond the city limits of Mt. Airy, NC
Trip Fee + two-way time $80 + ($125 * T) Applies to trips of more than 60 miles (one-way), beyond the city limits of Mt. Airy, NC
Minimums - Onsite 1 Hour Billed in 1 hour increments
Minimums - Remote 30 Minutes Billed in 15 minute increments
After-Hours $187.50 per hour Mon.-Fri.
Weekends & Holidays $250 per hour Sat,-Sun. & all red letter calendar days

We are unable to guarantee any form of SLA towards fulfilment of non-contract services. However, we do make every effort to provide our services to any business or organization, in good standing.

Any non-contract service work, also known as break/fix work, is subject to technician availability. To ensure eligibility for receiving expedited service, we strongly recommend procuring one of our Technical Support Service Agreements