Backup and recovery services in Mt. Airy, Winston-Salem, Galax, Wytheville
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Backup And Recovery Without The Hassle

Our Managed Backup and Recovery Services enable businesses to backup servers and workstations, both, within the safety of their local network to provide for fast recovery and remotely within the security of our private data center to provide resiliency against fire, flood, or natural disaster.

For companies seeking to gain contingency in the event of total systems failure, we also offer the availability to run virtual instances of your server workloads within our data center, using the replicated copies of your backup files stored at our location.

Why Are We Better?

We designed our Managed Backup and Recovery services to be holistically adaptable. What this means for you is that we don't try to fit square pegs into round holes. And, unlike many competing service providers, we actively maintain competencies and certifications that ensure we're able to match you with the right product and service it throughout the full life cycle.

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Part of our Managed IT Services family of products, Managed Backup and Recovery Services is included within all Flat-Fee Technical Support Service Agreements and can be added into any Block-Time Technical Support Service Agreement or purchased as standalone service, providing expert delivery of our Backup and Recovery Solutions.