Wireless networks in Dobson, NC


Dobson First Baptist Church wanted to replace their existing wireless networking solution because it was unreliable and was not able to provide signal throughout their approximately 30,000 sq. ft. multi-floor facilities. With plans to grow various ministries, and with requests from members becoming more common, it was time for a professional-grade wireless solution.

wireless equipment rack


The conducted site survey revealed that the symptoms affecting the church weren't being caused by a singular condition but by a number of problematic situations. The first, and easiest, condition we resolved was removing all the standalone access points we discovered during the walk-through, while conducting the site survey, that were competing to broadcast transmissions on over-crowded channels. We also determined that a number of wifi-enabled printers were also contributing to the problem by broadcasting their own "Direct Print" WiFi networks. Additionally, we found that there were a good number other, near-by wireless networks, originating from neighboring buildings, that were competing for most of the available spectrum.

Having to individually manage any number of access points is a pain and just adds unnecessary complexity into the network. We resolved this problem by introducing a Dell SonicWALL TZ 215 UTM which has a built-in wireless controller and is able to effectively manage up to 16 SonicPoint wireless access points. Distributed throughout the campus using an HP Aruba Series 2530-48G-PoE+ L2 managed switch, we deployed 5 SonicPoint Ni access points, providing reliable and metered wifi connectivity for up to 180 devices.

[UPDATE]  The church has, since, scaled to a total of 9 SonicPoint Ni access points. The expansion enabled support for providing pleasurable wifi connectivity to up to 324 devices.

We’re grateful for the privilege of working with such a fine group and wish them all the best in all they pursue.

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