Cloud-based Phone Systems in Independence, VA


When McAllister Mills lost all voicemail functionality, from their almost 20 year old Nortel Norstar PBX, they knew it was only a matter of time before a more impactful situation would arise. With the recent purchase of a new facilities and an up-fit in progress for engineering and their Axion brand, budgets were already stretched but trying to operate the business without a reliable phone system was not an option, so swift action was imperative.  


There's no denying that replacing an entire telecom infrastructure for a business with operational facilities at multiple locations, where all switchboard and paging was serviced from a central location, doesn't come without some form of capital outlay. But, because McAllister Mills held an active Technical Support Service Agreement, gaining our involvement was completely covered within the scope of their agreement, which was needed relief from incurring any further unplanned expense. We provided advisory services throughout the initial phases of the engagement, being there to help identify needs and inform of potential advantages and warn of potential pitfalls, as the product selection group weighed through the available options.

After a month of entertaining sales demos, the company decided to try Nextiva's cloud-hosted PBX. We served as technical lead and implementation liaison between Nextiva and McAllister Mills, where we assumed responsibility for gathering the technical requirements for furnishing an optimized voice network over the existing data network and performing the installation of all desksets, conference phones, fax bridges, and voice gateways.

Phase 1 focused on installing the desksets and verifying call quality, in three separate facilities, before cutting over from the existing analog system. and going live with the new VoIP implementation. Phase 2 was to install the conference phones in two facilities and Phase 3 was to install the fax-bridges to ensure the analog fax systems continued servicing inbound and outbound transmissions and install voice gateways in 3 facilities to facilitate overhead paging throughout the production areas of the plants.

From start to finish, our systematic approach worked to fulfil the deployment scenario without downtime or disruption of service.

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