Servers and networking, Bland, VA


Adapting to the growing needs of a fast moving business with a nation-wide reach can often be a rough row-to-hoe. Venco Business Solutions, located in Bland, VA was experiencing a steady trend of upward growth and had plans for enhancing their service management capabilities to help lighten the load through implementation of new L.O.B. software that required several server-based backends.


Smart planning and effective communications are the precursors to all successful projects. With 68% of all software-oriented projects resulting in failure, our partners rely on our experience managing IT-related projects to help them achieve successful implementations, even from their 3rd party software providers.

We learned of this to-come need almost 6 months in advance, during the analysis phase of Venco’s previous project, where we refreshed their server and networking infrastructure, and had already opened channels with the 3rd party software company and developed a validated plan to scale-out Venco’s infrastructure by adding a single physical server to host the 3 additional workloads required to host the full ATM Smart software stack.

Our ability to fully prep customer equipment in-house gives us a unique advantage over most of our competition because we’re able to deliver projects faster and more conveniently due to the fact that we possess the capabilities to prep computers, servers, and networking equipment just as if we were physically at the customers’ location.

We prepped the physical server in-house, installing an optimized Windows Server 2012 R2 configuration, to provide a robust Hyper-V environment that would ensure all three guest operating systems would achieve top performance, while maintaining an efficiently sized host. While still within our lab, we spun up and fully configured one CentOS 7 instance and two Windows Server 2012 R2 instances to host the web services server, the database server, and Remote Desktop Services server, all in accordance with the software company’s stated requirements.

After installing the new Dell PowerEdge R530 server within the customer’s rack, our stake was completed, but because Venco holds an active Technical Support Service Agreement, we remained engaged to provide support to the 3rd party, who was thereon responsible for implementing and maintaining their software solution. Our post-project involvement included helping them configure integration points and provide advanced knowledge of the server operating systems, ensuring a successful project delivery from the software solutions provider.

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